Bluff Mountain Candles

About Us

Bluff Mountain Candles started out of our kitchen when some friends asked if we could make candles for their store. When co-workers, other friends and relatives saw (and smelled) our candles they really took off!
We now are making candles for many satisfied customers, from craft fairs to fundraisers people who use our candles come back for more!
Good news about our candles
Bluff Mountain Candles supports our American Farmers instead of foreign oil conglomerates.
Soy candles are biodegradable and water soluble. This makes accidental spills easy to clean.
Our candles stimulate the economy by utilizing a natural, renewable resource.
We only use high quality scents.  No lead or zinc cored wicks-ever!
All wicks are made of paper or cotton.

  1. Starting to cool down!
  2. Freshly poured just for you!
  3. Raw product starting the process.
  4. Candles in mid process
  5. Temp looks just about right!
  6. Almost ready!
  7. Finished products ready to go out!
  8. One of the happy candle makers!